Help to the discovery of underlying causes in the world such as Autism, schizophrenia, Alzheimer, ALS diseases. 

a) To encourage scientific results, to support financial grants ,  to ensure the publication and dissemination of research  studies  based on  the discovery of the brain activity patterns, and based on research studies how brain circuits are functioning by utilizing simpler systems to learn,  and how brain builds complex and emergent thoughts and behaviors.

b) To encourage research studies to the help of  underlying causes of common diseases affecting the central nervous system such as Autism, Schizophrenia, Parkinson, Alzheimer, ALS  in the world 

c) When it is necessary, to be served for being represented or to ensure appointments for the members in the committees established by Governmental Institutions including particularly the Health Ministry and/or Turkish Medical Association (TTB) 

d ) Without including any provision contrary to the relevant legislation and authorities and comply by the TBHD- Board decisions , to organize conferences, symposiums and congresses in the field of brain mapping and treatments by cooperating with Associations, Societies, Trade Unions and other non-governmental national and international organizations in the field of health by sharing same goals or build platforms.   

e) To lead to new technologies by providing continuous cooperation among neuroscientists and colleagues working in the field of biology, physics, engineering, mathematics, statistics and behavioral sciences whom they are interested in brain mapping in Turkey

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