The duration of BOD appointment is one year with possibility of renewal depending on BOD contribution to the mission of the association and your role in advancing the field and maintaining your annual membership status. The board meets once a year and you will be assigned to a specific committee(s):

1) Science and Technology (All board members are part of this committee)
2) Executive Committee: past president, current and president elect, Chairman of the board, Executive director and selected founding members of the board
3) Continuing medical education/Credentialing: Co-chairs Drs. Stecker and Green
4) Fellowship: co-Chairs: Drs. Mortazavi and Kateb
5) Strategic Partnership and Development: Co-Chairs: Drs. Alruken, Kateb: Staff Support (Ms. Margaret Bicz)
6) G20 World Brain Mapping and Therapeutics Initiative (G20+ WBMTI) /Brain Initiative: Drs. Kateb & Sidhu (Vice Chairman)
7) Publication: Co-Chairs Drs. Mike Chen, Steinberg and Berger
8) Membership Global: Co-chairs Drs. Green and Suhail
9) Brain Mapping & Therapeutics science and technology Standards (partnership with IEEE and SPIE): Co-Chair: Kateb and Filler
10) Legal and Ethics: Co-Chair: Dr. Filler and Mr. William Brammer
11) Legislation and Advocacy: Co-chairs: Drs. Filler and Kateb
12) Award and Honors: Co-Chairs: Drs. Yamamoto, Rosen and Tsimerinov
13) International Membership and G20 WBMTI International: delegation: Drs. Aribisala (African Delegation Chair), Tarhan (middle east Delegation Chair), Trevino (South American Delegation chair), Sidhu & Rosenfeld (Australasia Delegation Chair), Allyson Rosen (North America Delegation Chair), Abdullah (Asia Pacific delegation chair), Yu Chen (China Delegation Char), Vassily Tsytsarev (Russian federation and Japan Delegation chair), Uttam Sinha (Indian Delegation Chair), Slava (Israel Delegation chair).
14) Operation, Development Marketing, Media and PR: Co-chairs: Dr. Ken Green, Support team: Margaret Bicz (Director of Strategic development)
15) Exhibition and Logistics: chair: Dr. Green, support team: Frank Boehm (VP Industry Partnership), Bryan Aroz (Int. Convention Director)
16) Student Chapters: Co-chairs: Yu Chen and Bahram Jalali

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