Society has the purposes specified in the third article as follows;

a) Neuroscience and brain mapping code of ethics in the field of teaching hospitals and teaching programs in medical schools , residency training and determination of standards of medical education and monitoring, the promotion of scientific research and publication,

b) To appoint the members to represent the Union in the eyes of Ministry of Health and / or Turkish Medical Association

c) To organize scientific meetings, panels, conferences, symposia , courses ,congresses and education training. Establishing supportive funds for scientific research, developing award programs, reimbursing travel, accommodation and other expenses of scientists participating in national and international scientific activities including congress / symposium etc.,

d) to perform all kinds of social, cultural , scientific activities in order to achieve the aim of the association,

e) to establish companies, to take over an economic enterprise, or being a partner of an economic operator to achieve the objectives set out in the statute TBHD - Borad decision which is not contrary to the requirement of the applicable laws and regulations,

f) to generate information in scientific topics within the interests of scientific branches like psychiatry, neurology, pharmacology and other basic medical sciences, to plan research, and to establish scientific working groups in order to prepare the core specialization in the professions, to provide financial support for the activities of the scientific working groups.

g) to establish foundations associated in line with association purposes, being a founding member of the foundation to be established, and to make donations

h) to inform public about the association's objectives through press publications and/or to explain the views of the association to public

j) to distribute the views of the association, to publicize the activities via newsletters, brochures, books, CD , DVD, BD , movies, web pages and to engage in similar works, and to support these publications financially and with human resources as the decision made Board

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